Happy family at the pool

Happy big family having fun at the pool, spending summer vacation together, wearing funny colorful sunglasses, enjoyment and pleasure concept.

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Attractive girl with apples basket

Young active gardener girl standing on floral field with apple basket in hands and looking up on beautiful bright sunset, harvest season. Hide when guests come over find something else more interesting yet make muffins so swat at dog and hide when guests come over. Give attitude leave hair everywhere shake treat bag need to chase tail rub face on everything so make muffins.

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Credits: 1, 2

Legend: A Journey Through Iceland

A joint collaboration with rock / ambient / experimental band MONO, Legend takes you on an epic 12 minute visual and aural journey through Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes during the time of the midnight sun.

The film travels across Iceland, from the floating blue icebergs of Jokulsarlon’s glacial lagoon to the steaming geothermic vents of Myvatn, the colorful mountains of Landmannalaugar to the breathtaking sunsets on Snaefellnes Peninsula, and the barren volcanic landscapes of Askja to the vast fields of lupin near Husavik.

Legend was shot over a 2 week period in June 2012 when the sun barely sets below the horizon and you never see darkness. It was filmed completely in 5K resolution using Canon full frame DSLRs on motion timelapse equipment from Kessler Crane.

Mono’s score of the same name, Legend, is from their upcoming album “For my parents”. Its edgy cinematic and epic quality helps describe Iceland – a breathtakingly beautiful yet unforgivingly dangerous place.

The album is available for pre-order: monoishere.com/2012/07/30/pre-order-for-my-parents-now/

How to embed audio and video players in WordPress

WordPress 3.6 has been released and one of it’s best new features is the ability to embed audio and video players for uploaded media directly into post or page content. The excellent MediaElement.js JavaScript library is used to output an HTML5 or Flash player, depending on the browser and device, for near-total compatibility. This is a very well-regarded script and is now included in WordPress core for native functionality and for theme/plugin authors to leverage.

In preparing guides for the imminent churchthemes.com launch, I was surprised not to find multiple tutorials explaining to regular users how they can use this new feature. Just this morning I was asked by a customer if it was possible to show a player for an uploaded MP3 file. The answer a few weeks ago would have been to use a plugin. The answer today is yes, WordPress can do that. Here’s how.